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Maano Inc. aims to be the leading supplier of dental gowns and apparel that would showcase its style, comfort, safety and quality in the near future.


To establish new stylish and elegant look for dental professionals without compromising their safety and infection control for the patients.

About Maano

Maano was founded with a simple goal of providing dental industry with dental apparel which are not only safe and enhance professional look.

Our customer will no longer have to deal with the unappealing, uncomfortable and poorly fit gowns. We offer our dental gowns that will not only provide you the professional and stylish look that you desire but most of all will provide you the comfort while working without compromising OSHA and infection control guidelines.

More about the gowns

Careful thought process went into designing these gowns with respect to the problems encountered in working clothes.

Surveys revealed all professionals wanted the same things out of their professional clothes - something comfortable, but still a reflection of their taste. These gowns combine style and practicality. The following details are featured in all Maano gowns:

  • Follow OSHA Guidelines: gowns have water-repellant coating; all gowns are long enough to cover the lap when seated; they have a closed collar and long sleeves with cuffs; longer sleeves don't expose the arms, even when bent.
  • Earth-friendly: gowns are machine-washable which makes them sustainable in our environment; polyester, spandex and natural fibers allow the gown to feel better against the skin, the fabric breathes, polyester give longevity and ease of care, the spandex provides a stretch to the material, ensuring a tailored fit.
  • Designs: vertical lines, contrast stitching and piping elongate every silhouette, contour the shape of the gown and add flair; Maano gowns are not oversized; they fit you well (most other gowns on the market must be worn big to allow movement, but the spandex in Maano gowns allow you a complimentary fit without compromising freedom of movement); all gowns have slits that allow for more comfort when seated and walking.
  • Return on Investment and Savings: Maano gowns offer you great return on investment and savings. Compared to the usage of disposable gowns for 3 full time employees five days a week can save you up to 53% savings over the course of one year only. Our gowns are made to last, so you can enjoy your savings well into the subsequent years of using our gowns as well as meeting your own green initiative.

Message from the founder:

When deciding what to name my brand, I looked to what I held closest to my heart. Maano, which means kitten, is my older daughter's nickname. The product I designed is dear to me. Just like my daughters, I hold it close to my heart and in my thoughts.

As you familiarize yourself with these gowns, I want to show how personal they are to me. I put my daughter's name on the tag because, like her, these gowns are a treasure for me, and I hope they make you feel as comfortable as any other piece of clothing you cherish.

- Natasha Tufail

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